Warranty & Return Policy

Rubber Stamps and Seals takes great pride in our quality control standards and our products are manufactured with an extremely low error rate. In order to achieve our zero tolerance for errors, we implement the following procedures. We try to confirm all orders via email or verbally or on the phone and all orders are viewed by four different people at our company before being shipped. This includes the customer service department, typesetting department, quality control department and shipping department.

Customer satisfaction and fast turnaround times are important to us. As a result we begin processing orders as soon as they are received and confirmed. This is why it is vital for our clients to contact us immediately after placing an order if they recognize a mistake has been made, or text for a particular product needs to be changed. We can and will correct these orders as long as they are brought to our attention the day they were placed. After that time a customer will be charge the full amount for the product.

If a placed order needs to be cancelled, for whatever reason, we will gladly cancel the order at no charge as long as the cancellation is done within 1 day of placing the order.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Xstamper products.

If Rubber Stamps and Seals makes an error on a product, spelling or otherwise, we will make the correction and replace the product free of charge.

Rubber Stamps and Seals is not responsible and will not issue a refund:

Products that are customized simply because the customer does not like what they ordered.

Products that become damaged as a result of wear and tear from repeated use.

Products that become defective as a result of re-inking which was done incorrectly or with the wrong type of ink.

Products manufactured with typos or incorrect text made on the part of the customer and not brought to the attention of Rubber Stamps and Seals on a timely basis.