The Trodat Brand of Marking Devices and Rubber Stamps are world renown for their high quality and durability. They are made to last for years and make a crisp clear impression each and every time.


Trodat Rubber Stamps offer the highest level of comfort for the user. They have recently been improved with a compact modern ergonomic design. The new enhanced features include a stamp group made of soft material, which give the stamps a very comfortable feel. 


Trodat Rubber Stamps sturdy steel core is covered with a high impact ABS shell and guarantees durability and stability. The ink pads are replaceable and the stamps are very sturdy. They are easy to position on paper due to a widened base as well as a transparent positioning window. 


The Trodat  Professional features a date band cover that keeps your fingers from touching the stamp ink and keeps them  clean—every day.

Trodat sees a special obligation as the world’s market leader in stamp products and has set a good example in terms of manufacturing products which are environmentally friendly.

These measures include the following:
Efficient energy use, careful treatment of raw materials, long service life and less frequent replacement costs, no use of PVC, suppliers are quality certified, low rejection rate and low CO2 emissions. Manufactured with a minimized carbon footprint. 

The extensive product line below includes the following categories:
Text Stamps, Self Inking Stamps, Self Inking Round Stamps, Date Stamps, Text Numberers, Dial a Phrase Stamps, Die Plate Daters, Line Daters, Numberers, Time and Date Stamps, Traditional Stamp Pads. Clothing Markers, Replacement Pads, Replacement Inks, etc.  

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