Rubber Stamps and Seals is an authorized dealer of REINER Automatic Numbering Machines and Electric Stamps. We also carry a complete line of LION Automatic Numbering Machines. REINER has decades of experience manufacturing these devices. Their manufacturing expertise, combined with new and innovative products, along with Rubber Stamps and Seals knowledge of the features and benefits of these mechanisms afford our customers solution to all their marking needs.

What is a Numbering Machine? A numbering machine is a mechanical self-inking stamp that automatically advances to the next consecutive or sequential number in a predetermined pattern referred to as “movements”. A numbering machine can have from 1 to 10 movements that can be selected by the operator.

Almost all numbering machines have a Consecutive Movement (stamp a number, then advance to the next number). Many machines have other choices of movements.

Other choices may be:

Repeat: Keep stamping the same number.
Duplicate: stamp the same number 2 times then advance to the next consecutive number.
Triplicate: stamp the same number 3 times then advance to the next consecutive number.
4x to 20x: stamp the same number X times then advance to the next consecutive number.

REINER's durable, high quality and performance Numbering Machines are characterized by their versatile applications.

Whether number, date, time, text or in combination, REINER offers individual solutions for your requirements.

Our customer service representatives will assist you with matching the REINER or LION Machine to meet your marking needs.

We are one of the few companies who can repair or renovate other Brands of Automatic Numbering Machines who have been manufactured by companies no longer in business.
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