Rubber Stamp and Seals Business Services has been both a dealer and repair center for Widmer Time Recorders for over 12 years. Widmer Time Recorder is a global manufacturer of time and date office equipment that was founded in 1933 on giving customers the highest quality products at competitive prices. A U.S. based company since its inception; Widmer continues to expand their selection of products to include:

• Time and Date Stamps
• Time and Attendance Machines
• Electric Embossing Machines
• Ribbons and Supplies
• Embossers
• Perforators
• Currency Counters and Verifiers

Benefits gained from using the entire selection of Widmer time and date office products include increasing your employees' efficiency and speed, as well as providing greater control over paperwork. These products offer a solution to many issues encountered when using marking devices, assist you in automating manual tasks in your workplace, and supply more accurate and reliable data. Widmer Time Stamp products are versatile, featuring high quality, clean crisp imprints. They are compact and ruggedly built to last, offering a wide variety of desirable features and providing marking solutions for corporate and individual needs.

Rubber Stamp and Seals Business prides itself on is its ability to customize Widmer products to our customer’s needs. If you need a product specifically tailored in a certain way, ask! We will be more than happy to accommodate you to get exactly what you are looking for. Widmer machines are proudly made and assembled in the United States of America. All machines come with a one year warranty. Our manufacturing team manually tests and thoroughly inspects each machine before we ship them out to our customers. Widmer makes sure all of our machines and products perform at the highest quality for our customers’ ultimate satisfaction

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