Rubber Stamps and Seals Insurance Services has been providing Notary Surety Bonds to notaries public for over 10 years. We are licensed to write notary surety bonds through Western Surety. If you are presently in the process of becoming a notary or renewing your notary commission, and required by law to purchase and maintain a surety bond for your entire term of office, you've come to the right place. Allow us to assist you with procuring your surety bond.

Notary Bond Factoid: Notary Surety Bonds are required by many states. The surety bond helps to protect the public from the notary's action or inaction through an agreement to pay the oblige in an amount up to the bond coverage amount in the event of a harmful act by the notary. The three parties to a surety bond contract are as follows:

  • The Principal: this is the notary public, the person being bonded.
  • The Oblige: this is the state, the party being paid if a claim is made against the bond. 
  • The Surety: the surety company exists to guarantee payment of claims on the bond and has a right to recover any monies paid from the notary. In this sense, the notary public is NOT protected from financial harm by the surety bond and may want to carry notary errors & omissions insurance to protect themselves.

A Notary surety bond provides protection for the public against the Notary's errors, negligence or wrongdoing. Any person who can prove financial damages as a result of a Notary's improper actions in performing a notarial act may file a lawsuit to recover against the Notary's bond.

To see if your state requires a surety bond and to purchase a surety bond, simply click on your state below and follow the directions.
Order and pay the Bond through the website, and download the Notary Surety Bond application.  Fill out the required field and mail, fax or email the completed form back to us.

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