Lion Number Machines (automatic numbering stamps) are considered to be the most well-made and durable products on the market. LION machines are precisely constructed from one-piece, hardened steel, and are furnished in a tough; high polish chrome. Any office, university, or other work place with a need for sequential numbering operations will find LION machines to be perfectly suited to the job, contributing years of dependable service. 

- Precisely designed and assembled in Japan (GSA designated country). 
- The frame and all internal parts are made entirely from steel, ensuring reliable use for years. 
- High-impact, recycled, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) used in the handle. 
- Daily use will not wear out extra-firm inking pads.
- Full one year limited warranty on parts and labor.
- Handle includes a sturdy steel nut preventing strip-out of handle threads.

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