We manufacture all types of promotional items and ad specialties to advertise your business. Also recognition awards, trophies, plaques and Certificates. We provide all types of printing including Business Cards, Letterheads, Stationary, and Invitations.


Rubber Stamps and Seals is a family owned business currently run by 5 family members spanning 3 generations. We recognize the success of our business relies on the satisfaction of our clients. Rubber Stamps and Seals offer a complete line of marking devices as well as Notary Supplies. We take great pride in our extensive selection of products, for both our commercial as well as individual clients. We have over 1000 different items available for our clients, and are constantly sourcing new products to add to our inventory. Our products are manufactured using the most advanced laser and computer technologies. In addition, our expert craftsmen are experienced using old fashioned techniques which have stood the test of time and produce the highest quality in marking devices.

Mission Statement - Rubber Stamps and Seals markets and distributes marking devices and notary supplies to a diverse worldwide customer base. Our goal is to provide products that assist our clients in streamlining their business operations so they can operate more efficiently, organized and effectively. We are much more that a Rubber Stamp Company - we are problem solvers - providing solutions to our clients using our products and expertise.

Customer Service

Although we maintain a strong web presence, a large portion of our business comes the old fashioned way - person to person contact. Our customer service representatives are well schooled in the application of our products to fulfill specific needs for our customers. They are well trained, from both our suppliers as well as by going to the Marking Device Convention regularly to keep up with the latest trends and new products. During business hours, you can reach our sales team who are available to answer any questions you may have and we respond to emails and other electronic requests as quickly as possible. The Live Chat function on our website enables customers to get quick responses to questions they may have while ordering online. We also try our best to call or e-mail our customers, to confirm orders, to make sure we have all pertinent information, and reduce the possibility of errors, and ensure that the product ordering solves the specific need addressed.

Product Line

As mentioned, our product line is the most extensive in the industry. The inventory we have on hand, as well as our contacts with industry suppliers, afford us the opportunity to deliver our products to end users in a timely manner. We can meet even the most immediate time requirement, while maintaining the highest quality

Below is a partial list of the products we offer:


Notary Supplies

Maxum SI-30 Self inking Notary Stamp, Maxum A200 Self Inking Notary Stamp, Max Light Regular Pre Inked Stamp Notary Stamp, X Stamper Notary Stamp, X Stamper Pocket Notary Stamp, Max Light Pocket Pre Inked Notary Stamp

Black Finish Notary Embossing Seal, Chrome Finish Notary Embossing Seal, Stationary Desk Notary Embossing Seal, Specialty Black Finish Embossing Seal, Specialty Chrome Finish Embossing Seal, Specialty Gold Finish Embossing Seal

Venue Stamp Maxum A2000, Venue Stamp Max Light Regular, Venue Stamp X Stamper Regular

Affidavit/Jurat Stamp Maxum A2000, Affidavit/Jurat Stamp Max Light Regular, Affidavit/Jurat Stamp X Stamper Regular

Acknowledgement Stamp Maxum A2000, Acknowledgment Stamp Max Light Regular, Acknowledgment Stamp X Stamper

Millenium Marking, Monogram Stamps, Engraved Signs, Vista Signs, Security, Counterfeit and Redacting Products, Mechanical Marking Devices, Automatic Numbering and Dating Machines, Electric Seals, Time Recorders, Other Products, Corporate Kits, Labels, Awards and Plaques, Certificates, Ticket Punches, Garvey Price Marking Guns and Labels, Pen Stamps, Ribtype, PSI Self Inking Numberers

X Stamper Products, Stamp Design Wizard, X Stamper Custom Pre Inked Stamps, XpeDater, VersaDater, Daters and Time Stamps, X Stamper Stock Title Stamps, Executive Desk & Wall Signs, Industrial Stamps, Markers, Security Products, Replacements, Inspection Stamps, Accessories

Trodat, Text Stamps, Ideal Self-Inking Stamps, Trodat Printy Stamps, Professional Daters with Handle, Line Stock Daters, Dial - A- Phrase Daters and Numberers, Original Printy Round Date Stamp, Trodat Printy Round Date Stamp, Trodat Classic Time and Date Stamps, Trodat Classic Economy Daters, Trodat Numberers, Trodat 3000 Die Plate Daters, Trodat 4000 Classic Plate Daters

Signature Stamps, Small Signature Stamps, Medium Signature Stamp, Large Signature Stamp

Logo Stamps, 3/4" x 1 15/16" , 7/8" x 2 3/8", 1 1/8" x 2 3/4", 1 1/2" x 3" 1 9/16" x 2 3/8"

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