Traditional Wood Handle Stamps have been around for over 100 years and are still popular today. They are competitively priced and require a separate ink pad. These rubber stamps are made of high quality natural rubber and last for many years.

These stamps are priced by length and width of the text.

As a general rule:
• Traditional wood handle rubber stamp widths are measured by the longest line in the stamp impression
• Each are 1/4" in height of type face (24 point), which is the equivalent of one line
• Blank space between lines of 1/4" is the equivalent of one line
• Each 1/4" in height of artwork, like logos or monograms, is the equivalent of one line

Rubber Stamps and Seals assembles our traditional wood handle stamps by hand, and custom cut to match the size of the image or text on the die. We then trim the die plate so that there are no excess margins or peripheral ink around the edges to make a perfect impression each and every time. Other manufacturers keep a few stock sizes of pre-assembled mounts and make sub standard handle stamps to fit the mounts.

Traditional wood handle rubber stamps are relatively inexpensive and a simple, easy way to solve your marking needs. A great feature of traditional wood handle stamps is that you can create a design as wide and/or as high as you need. Also, you can choose a "dry stamp pad" for any color ink, or ink which prints on different types of surfaces. These stamps are popular for events, announcements, and invitations as well as for art stamps.

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