RIBtype® interlocking ribbed-rubber type provides the ultimate in printing flexibility. With the RIBtype® system, ribs on the back of the rubber type interlock with ribs on the marking device allowing for fast message and date changes. RIBtype® rubber type is an interchangeable rubber stamp system that allows you to create your own stamp and change it as needed. When your printing application demands frequent copy changes, the RIBtype® system is a precise, low tech, eco-friendly solution.

RIBtype® are applied to surfaces using different types of marking devices including: 

Hand stamps, metal self-inkers, conveyor –line printers and reciprocating coders. Ribs on the back of the type interlock with ribs on the marking device for fast message changes. Type assortments and date sets are economical and allow users to compose their own messages.

RIBtype® prints are used for many different purposes including:

Date Codes on food packaging, model and lot numbers on manufactured products and bold messages on corrugated boxes, embossing hand-crafted jewelry and so much more.

Custom applications make the finest impressions and are our specialty.

If you need assistance with the type of marking device or typeset required based upon your specific application, please contact our customer service department. We have many years experience in assisting our customers solve their marking challenges.

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