Paper perforators are used to put tiny holes, in a straight line, down a sheet of paper. The spacing of the perforated paper can be adjusted. The more perforations per inch, the easier it is to tear out the paper. Perforators are commonly used to perforate text words and messages on coupons, ads, mailers, paper, card stock and much more.

We offer several different models are available depending on what you need perforated. Verbiage includes PAID, VOID, and CANCEL. Users can also customize a word up to 5-6 characters of your choice. This text perforator is very easy to use and is designed in such a way that little physical strength or effort is required to operate the handle. It sits nicely on any desk or table. Perforate a variety of words in to documents with the pull of a handle. The machines below can perforate through 15 sheets of paper in one pass.
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