Rubber Stamps and Seals is proud to offer Multi Color self-inking stamps.  Historically, stamps only came in one color and basic colors like Black, Blue, Red, Green, or Purple. MultiColorStamps not only offers more than one color on a self-inking stamp, but we also offer a wider range of colors.  Unlike ordinary self-inking stamps that can print in only one color, our Multi Color stamps let you stamp in several colors at once!  This creates personality, greater prominence, and your stamp impression can be beautifully expressed in a multitude of colors as real as life.

Our new Multi Color stamps feature a special laser-cut ink pad that allows you to designate colors to various areas of your stamp! The creative possibilities are almost endless!

Our high-tech, patented process uses laser technology to control the cutting and inking of both the stamp and the rubber die. Life is colorful!

You can emphasize your logo, company name, telephone number, symbols and designs in color.  A Multi Color Stamp impression is something special which will allow your Personal Identity to be distinguishable or your Corporate Identity to stand out from the competition. 

With Multi Color, we offer a unique solution for individual, multicolor stamp imprints and with many advantages for you:

Multi Color Impression - Use the COLOR ADVANTAGE
•Stand out from the competition with these individual, multi-colored stamps.
•Colorful stamp impressions incorporating symbols or company logos in line with your corporate design.
•Choose from a wide range of attractive colors.  A pallet of fifteen standard colors as well as a few special colors.
•Stamp design is easy and convenient.
•The Multi Color self inking rubber stamps are easy to create and fun to use.
•Re-ordering of identical, individual pads and ink cartridges is straightforward and can be done at any time.


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